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NRFS imaging policy digital 2023 04

Photo, Video, and Audio Recording

Northern Rivers is committed to protecting our clients’ and staff’s rights to confidentiality. To accomplish this, we have developed a policy for photography, video, and/or audio recording of clients and staff, or any Northern Rivers Family of Services data, equipment, or property.

When is imaging and recording permitted?

  • With the client’s permission, images or recordings of a client may be taken for diagnosis and treatment. The images and recordings are kept secure by Northern Rivers.
  • Clients and families may only take images or recordings for treatment reasons when the staff member being recorded has verbally agreed to being recorded. Otherwise, recording of staff during services and on Northern Rivers property is prohibited.

When else does recording and imaging happen at Northern Rivers?

  • Visitors may be recorded on-site at agency locations that have video surveillance for security. This may happen as you access our building and grounds.
  • When a client, or the client’s guardian, has signed the Authorization for Media Release, the Communications Department or Northern Rivers staff may take images or recordings for use by Northern Rivers.

When can families take images or recordings of their children during services and on Northern Rivers property?

  • This can take place for treatment purposes when the staff has verbally agreed, as discussed above.
  • Recording and imaging of a child is only allowed to be done by that child’s parent or guardian.
  • Parents or guardians may not record or take pictures of any client other than their child.

Northern Rivers reserves the right to suspend recording privileges of clients, family, or visitors if, in the judgment of our staff, the care of any client may be jeopardized and/or at any time the organization’s operations may be disrupted. Confidential images and recordings will not be used outside of Northern Rivers unless clients provide authorization, as required.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please reach out to your treatment provider.

 Effective 7/25/2023.


Limited English Proficiency (LEP) of Language Assistance Services
Northern Rivers will provide language assistance services, free of charge, when necessary to provide meaningful access to those whose primary language is not English. Contact Quality Management at 518.426.2600.
Si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística.  Llame Quality Management at 518.426.2600.
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