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Make A Referal

Make a referral

Whether you are a physician, social or community service worker, educator or a mental health professional, you undoubtedly often encounter children, adults and families whose problems or issues need additional help.

At Northern Rivers, we believe that working closely with providers throughout our communities is the key to delivering the best possible help and care to people in need. And we welcome you to refer your patients, clients or students to us so we can make a lasting, positive difference in their lives.  

As a leading provider of client-centered, patient-focused, family-driven, trauma-informed services to people of all ages, Northern Rivers offers more than 70 programs and services to meet virtually any need of children and adults — from behavioral health, substance abuse treatment and family preservation to education, foster and residential care, respite and crisis intervention.

Every year, our 1,300-strong team of caring, committed people provides life changing care for more than 14,000 children, adults and families in 36 counties, working out of 28 office locations and right in the heart
of our communities.

Healing traumatized, hurting children.

Empowering individuals and families.

Brightening lives and building futures through educational enrichment.

And providing hope and recovery for those suffering from mental illness, substance and sexual abuse.

To refer a child, adult or family to Northern Rivers, please call us at 518.426.2600. We truly appreciate your care and concern.

To learn more about all of our services, go to our services page.