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Care you can count on

Northern Rivers cares about your community! Northern Rivers Family of Services has provided skilled, compassionate, dedicated services to support the children, adults, and families of the region since 1829—and we’re more committed than ever. Northern Rivers means care you can count on. Whether it’s mental health services—in our clinics, at your home, or anywhere you need us—residential and foster care, or special education, we’re here to help you.

How do we do it? Here are a few examples:

Finally, a family

By the time he was 8, Jay had lived in 6 different homes. No one in his life could provide a safe, stable environment. He fell behind in school and his behavior issues challenged everyone who tried to help. Northern Rivers gave him care he could count on, placing him in a supportive foster home with the therapy he needed, and now Jay is part of a family.

School success

Every week it seemed like Selena had another issue at school. Cutting classes, disobeying teachers, fighting with classmates. Her family needed help. Northern Rivers gave them care they could count on. Through individual and family therapy and ongoing support right in their home, Selena and her family built strength. And her last report card? The best one yet!

On her way

Cat is 17, a freshman in college, getting good grades and maintaining her first apartment. She came to Northern Rivers at 11, having experienced abuse and trauma. She didn’t have anyone she could count on, and she was angry at the whole world. Cat found care she could count on at Northern Rivers, and with care, counseling, and support, she’s ready to chase her dreams.

The next chapter

At 35, Chris lost their father and their job in the span of two months. They lost hope. Nothing seemed to matter. In their darkest hour, they made a call for help, and Northern Rivers gave them care that they could count on. Chris found a team of community supports to help them process their feelings and to help make positive steps toward building a better future.

Contact us if you need care you can count on.