The Behavioral Heath Care Center

The Concept

The Behavioral Health Care Center represents an innovative concept that will change the way children and families engage with the services delivery system, integrating services under one roof and improving communication and efficiency.

The Facility 

This 26,000-sq.-ft. one-story building will include two major areas: clinical services suites and residential suites.

The Services

  • Therapy and counseling suite features licensed behavioral health professionals.
  • Medical suite provides space for a health- care practitioner, psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, and/or registered nurse.
  • Crisis management suite for our mobile crisis triage and response team. 
  • Suite for care managers who assess, refer, and link children and families to other services.

The Residential Suites

  • Four living units, each featuring:
    • Five furnished single bedrooms
    • Shared living and activity areas
    • Two private bathrooms
    • A calm room specially designed to help children de-escalate during times of stress
  • One unit dedicated to short-term crisis stabilization
  • Nurses’ office
  • Meeting rooms for families
  • Full-service kitchen with dining area for 50
  • An interior courtyard and outdoor recreation space

The Result 

  • Residential Treatment Facility (RTF): A contemporary, comprehensive residential mental health program for youth and young adults ages 12–21.
  • Short-term Crisis Stabilization: Suite includes overnight services for children who need intervention, but who are not at immediate risk for self-harm.
  • Mobile Crisis Services teams: Rapid-response interdisciplinary teams that address mental health crises for children and adults in the home, school, and community.
  • Health Home Care Management: Guidance, support, and assessment for children who may be eligible or who are already enrolled in a Health Home system.
  • Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic: With the capacity for integrated primary care and the potential to integrate other services, the clinic incorporates psychological assessments, primary care, and substance abuse treatment.