Campus Updates

January 14, 2019

  hill pics 1.14.19  (52).JPG  3FA6DB92-1182-4406-9218-6DADBCE62DA8.jpg

The residential area roof in the Behavioral Health Care Center is almost complete. The Roof Top Air Handling Unit (RTU) and other roof equipment will installed next week. 

January 7, 2019

ambassadors 1.7.19  (39).JPG  hill pics 1.14.19  (26).JPG

Youth Ambassadors toured the Behavioral Health Care Center and marveled at the progress. 

January 3, 2019

biz dev tour 1.3.19  (4).JPG  biz dev tour 1.3.19  (17).JPG  

The installation of roof trusses and sheathing has begun in the residential area of the building. 

December 28, 2018

shingles and trusses 12.27.18  (3).JPG  shingles and trusses 12.27.18  (6).JPG

Window installation began this week. The clinical area of the building should be weather tight in the next few weeks. 

December 20, 2018

roof progress 12.20.18  (5).JPG   roof progress 12.20.18  (54).JPG

Star Roofing is on site preparing to shingle the roof, and Tech Valley has been actively installing the interior wall tracks. 

December 11, 2018

roof progress 12.11 (3).JPG  roof progress 12.11 (8).JPG 

The roof trusses and sheathing are almost complete in the clinical area. Shingle installation will begin next week. 

December 5, 2018

Sheathing 12.05.18.jpg  roof beginning 12.04.18  (28).JPG

Tech Valley has begun installing the exterior sheathing of the clinical wing. 

November 26, 2018

IMG_0436.JPG  IMG_0443.JPG

Dorsey Construction & General Construction has begun installing the trusses for the clinical portion of the building. 

November 8, 2018

IMG_8724.JPG    IMG_8730.JPG


October 26, 2018

slab and frame 10.26.18  (26).JPG  slab and frame 10.26.18  (38).JPG

Ragone Foundations began pouring the concrete slab. The slab will be complete early next week. Once the slab in place, BBL and subcontractors will begin to enclose the building.