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Vocational Rehabilitation

When individuals come to Unlimted Potential, our Vocational Counselors conduct an assessment and develop a plan of action to assist individuals in reaching their employment potential. Our vocational programs function as tools to help individuals with barriers to employment determine realistic job goals and provide assistance to achieve them while establishing on-going supports for the duration of employment.

Vocational Counselors guide each individual through the employment process, promoting success along the way. Each individual’s service plan is person centered and includes any or all of the following: job search assistance, job interviewing skills, on-the-job training, ongoing intensive job coaching, skills training and follow-along services to encourage success.

Supported Employment
Employment specialists work one-on-one with individuals to determine job preparedness, develop job search strategies, and provide on-site job training, support, and advocacy.

Using a person-centered approach, Unlimited Potential provides individuals with the supports necessary to choose, find, establish, and maintain a job. Employment Specialists work one-on-one with individuals to provide all aspects of vocational services. These services can include assessment, job development, job placement, job coaching, job-related crisis intervention, benefits counseling, and ongoing follow-along supports. Our staff work as a team to promote independence and integration into the community.

Career Exploration
Each client is connected with one of our Employment Counselors at Unlimited Potential in order to find an appropriate job match for each individual. The Employment Counselor works one-on-one with individuals to explore their particular strengths and barriers to employment. The counselor guides them through the application process, delivering the level and type of support needed. This can include resume preparation, interview skills training, and flexible on- or off-worksite assistance as needed. In addition, each counselor has received benefits training and ensures the individual is aware of their rights and how employment may affect their benefits.

Once our clients are hired, they continue to work closely with a Job Coach who assists them in retaining the job. The Job Coach can meet clients at the worksite or at another mutually convenient location to continue the coaching process. This could include strategies to overcome individual barriers and fears as well as methods to overcome job related challenges. The Job Coach also can meet with the employer in an effort to circumvent potential work problems. This flexible job coaching relationship can continue for as long as either party would like.

Assisted Competitive Employment
Assisted Competitive Employment (ACE) provides all aspects of vocational services including assessment, advocacy, job coaching, job counseling, job related crisis intervention, benefits counseling and individual and ongoing flexible follow-along supports

Vocational Rehabilitation Work Center
Our work center provides training in both life and employment skills. We provide employment opportunities to use these skills, which boost self-esteem and personal pride, encourage independence, and facilitates community membership and participation. All of this occurs in a supportive environment that encourages people to reach their potential. It is an environment that is patient, supportive, and encouraging while recognizing the special challenges and unique human needs of our clients.

The goal of the work center has always been to move our clients toward self-reliance and independence. We offer transitional opportunities to the clients through strategic partnerships and private sector employment initiatives both temporary and permanent. Certainly there is no one standard or schedule for independence that works for every person. Just as the challenges each client faces are different, so too should a program possess the flexibility to respect an individual’s pace and capabilities. For some clients the goal of total self-reliance will be a lifelong struggle, which is why our work center has the resources and tools clients need to achieve their goals while at the same time providing a safety net for those who must try again and again.

Our work center offers several services for businesses in the community. We provide mailing services (no mailing is too small or too large), we provide fulfillment services (pick, pack, and ship), we handle a wide range of assembly projects, and more. Let us know how we can help you!

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Program Director
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